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Type: Driver
File Name: game_saike_32538.zip
File Size: 18.6 MB
55 (4.37)
Downloads: 45
Supported systems: ALL Windows 32x/64x
Price: Free* (*Free Registration Required)

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Go to Link Unlink Change. It's hard to say which is better out of those because no one has made game saike sixaxis compatibility of which games they have play from beginning to end with both emulators. And they both have issues with different games.


I believe as far as speed epsxe is faster than pcsxr. PSX Emulator ePSXeepsxe, best psx emulator, psx emu,psx emulator, epsxe download, playstation emulator, psx, psx bios. This little package is designed for the people who want a lot of different games and do not have much space in game saike sixaxis microSD on their Pi build. This project was from badge over on the Project Hyperpie forums well worth checking out!


It plays most commercial games so it wont let you down. Playstation bios image is also required to run.

Game saike sixaxis playing Goldeneye on your PC might sound — to you — like an incontrovertibly superb idea, there are some who see emulators as a decidedly bad. Few reasons why I love it: It's free and.

I can't for the life of me get a ps3 controller to work on PC

But if you're like me and still have a whole bunch of great PS2 games on a shelf or in a box at the back of your closet, you can actually emulate those games on your PC with better. It has full emulation support for gamepads, videos, sound, memory cards, and other important PSX game saike sixaxis, and is able to play many games without problems.

This package contains. If you have any questions or need any help, please email us: support pinnaclegameprofiler. Supports any game controller; Easy to setup in a few minutes. It has full emulation support for gamepads, game saike sixaxis, sound, memory cards, and other important PSX components, and is able to play many games. Windom, a member of our messageboard has done a nice new [pec]chu tutorial game saike sixaxis "How can I find 'unknown increasing values', like the values of damage bars If you are interested in this tutorial click here!

- Should I Block It? (DS3_Tool)

This method is perfect if you have downloaded save games from the internet or even if you have save games from an emulator. Another benefit to.

I kinda dont know how to use that. I open the that menu. And i pick open, after i do that i get my file and it opens it up and shows me the file i downloaded. But i dont think it saves on the Mem card file bcuz it doesnt load into the game so it must not be on the memory card. Back to top. Top Voted Answer. You'll need a hex editor for your PSP, and to understand the exact format that the game stores it's data in, and how to adjust the file so the game doesn't see it as having been tamperred with. This is beyond the scope of a single post here. BIN" generated before in it. You should see game saike sixaxis directory in the list. Once decrypted, savedata can then be modified directly in any standard hex editor. Quote: When saving from a game, the savedata is saved as usual.

The game saike sixaxis will be named much like what they.

Copy and Delete Files. Highlight it and hit the X button. PSPatchator let you enjoy your psp games by editing and patching the savegame with tricks and cheats. The problem at least my understanding of it is that PSP game saves are encrypted.Sixaxis (trademarked SIXAXIS) is a wireless gamepad produced by Game saike sixaxis for their PlayStation 3 video game console.


It was introduced alongside the PlayStation. GAME SAIKE SIXAXIS DRIVER DOWNLOAD - God of War III puts players game saike sixaxis in the role of Kratos to continue his brutal and bloody war against Olympus as he.

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