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Normally, when choosing a tuner, jvc pcb10 is of foremost importance because it determines the unit's ability to pull in weak or distant stations. You see, FM is subject to the same physical laws as TV.


While distance is a major consideration, steel reinforced buildings, mountains or other terrain features may also reduce or partially block signals. In low-lying valleys, reception is jvc pcb10 difficult. These and other factors present considerable problems for clear, accurate reception.

Usable sensitivity is 8. What this means in your listening room is jvc pcb10 the TXII is capable of reaching out and capturing an electronic signal of incredibly weak proportions.

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And then holding it while it's fed into the jvc pcb10. All speaker systems demand power some more jvc pcb10 others to produce sound. May we suggest our SAII. Continuous power output is 80 watts per channel, min. RMS at 8 ohms from 20 to 20,Hz with no more than 0. Inputs hardly measurable are analyzed and processed into precise impulses of acoustical energy that will ultimately reproduce every musical nuance of the original performance. The delicate and the deafening. Pioneer is offering a wide line of five amplifiers and four tuners. Something for everybody.

Why not stop jvc pcb10 for a demonstration and hear about such things as a SAW filter that scrubs out distortion or a tone control system that offers 5, different tonal characteristics. Pioneer Electronics Australia Pty, Ltd.

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Since we introduced our Audio Facts column some months ago, innumerable readers have asked jvc pcb10 to expand the present coverage we give to the technical side of audio and hi-fi. Run in conjunction with Harman Australia Pty Ltd the contest involves a number of multiple choice questions: it also requires entrants to define what they mean by the term hi-fi.

Prizes are unreal! Truly a system for the most demanding buyer!

RF Connector

Entries may also be made by visiting any Harman Kardon dealer — see list page 23 of this issue. Dummy Heads The Sennheiser "Dummy Jvc pcb10 system, using open-air two- channel jvc pcb10 for playback, shows great promise.

It has always seemed rather curious in view of quadraphony that the human hearing system uses two ears, each of which is capable of receiving only one complex signal pattern at audio frequencies. True, high-frequency phase differences could probably be detected by different parts of the eardrum at very high frequencies but these would possibly go undetected per se because of the "single channel' link between the eardrum and the chochlea. The chief obstacle to "surround sound' is the listening room, which drastically alters the characteristics of reproduced sounds. It's probable that jvc pcb10 channels may ultimately be used to give surround sound in acoustically dead environments jvc pcb10 the future, and the effectiveness of the illusion will be totally dependant on maintaining correct phase, frequency and amplitude of the reproduced sound at the moment it reaches the eardrums.

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Despite Matrix H, and the BBC's undoubted expertise, we are a long way yet from high fidelity in the strictly definitive sense. One can't help but feel the money spent on developing Jvc pcb10 H and carrying out the experimental broadcasts might have been more effectively directed toward research into jvc pcb10 the human hearing mechanism really works.


The Beeb has issued technical details of the necessary decoding equipment and has also jvc pcb10 the necessary changes for making existing SQ decoders suitable for Matrix H. Whether or not these experiments will be useful is highly debatable.


The four-channel surround-sound concept has received negligible attention of late although one has the impression that backroom boffins in Japan, America and the U. Forefront of current experiments must be Ambisonics, although this appears to be a technical nightmare. The writer has heard one Ambisonics demonstration, using material jvc pcb10 on cassette, replayed via a Nakamichi and linked — wait for it jvc pcb10 to a normal two-channel system.

Results from different jvc pcb10 were predictably variable, although some sequences were reproduced with greater depth and spaciousness than one normally hears from stereo recordings. In the medium bracket are the and Series, based around amps rated at 25 and 50 Watts per channel respectively, and including a tuner, two turntables, three Dolby tape decks, and the one speaker design. Selected titles from classical, popular, jazz and folk music. Jvc pcb10 unit is made up of two monaural amplifiers, complete down to power supply.Welcome toMauritron Technical ServicesManuals and Guides DepartmentThis listing is for the information format by download delivery forJVC M7CL. Welcome toMauritron Technical ServicesManuals and Guides DepartmentThis listing is for the information format by download delivery forJVC HX3?5.

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