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Type: Driver
File Name: ews88_mt_20427.zip
File Size: 25.4 MB
25 (4.91)
Downloads: 22
Supported systems: Windows Vista (32/64-bit), Windows XP (32/64-bit), Windows 8, Windows 10
Price: Free* (*Free Registration Required)

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TERRATEC EWS88 MT - One of the big seller 8 x 8 i/o pci systems from back in the day

Apparently, one could run 4 cards together, which is given but questions the drivers are not very stable, I do not see ews88 mt much interest! For my part, is what I wanted to buy. I called from the manufacturer, I have strongly discouraged because they had too many ews88 mt. Very good card but it is similar, Intel takes everywhere! And if you have a machine and you still want to play games or others from time to time, do like me, buy a rack a system on an internal hard drive and system on the rack.

EWS88 MT/D on Linux

Currently 0. Please let me know the price and Currently 9. Sine MB 33 II 90?

WARP 9 90? Product rating out of Quick links.


According to some web searches, I realized other people were able to get this configuration to work. Useful Information Co-axial Digital Interface Backup Digital Cables Terratec will not share this information because of liability associated with modifying the OS, but I did get an eMail wink form a techie over there. Back up all your ews88 mt, breathe deep, and here we go. IRQ sharing is the cause of problems with this piece of hardware. Now start the new OS install. At this point, you press F7. You must log in or sign up to reply here.


Show Ignored Content. Also included is the newly developed Non-Audio ews88 mt. Especially the optical digital output allows you to choose the settings for the required format, even independently from the optical digital input. The optical output can send i. For testing purposes, you have the ADAT thru-optionwhich will route the incoming signal directly to the optical output, bypassing the ews88 mt mixer and the drivers.

To all kind Terratec EWS88 MT users (!) NI Community Forum

When switching between input sources, you are presented with two options: 1. Clock Source allows you to chose, which input is to be used for this purpose. The mixer is the master and set to As the DAT-recorder plays with a sampling-rate of 48kHz the signal will be distorted. Even when the DAT-recorder is set to Here you can determine how quickly an application i. The faster, the better one would be inclined to think, if there wasnt a catch The setting is ews88 mt and can cause audible drop-outs during recording and playback, if your processor cannot cope with the load imposed by the setting.

Equally important is the tuning of the offending application.

Many programs ews88 mt manual setting of the audio-buffers here: WaveLab. Striking the balance: For higher levels of speed, try to keep the number and size of buffers as low as possible. The drivers themselves are ews88 mt clean and fast.4 pin MPC, 5 pin DIN, RCA, mini-phone stereo mm.

EWS Connect sync-out, MIDI, SPDIF input, SPDIF output, audio line-in, audio line-out. AC-3 (Dolby Digital), ASIODirectSound, MPU Terratec EWS88 MT/D/EWS88 MIC2+MIC8+ Driver for Windows ews88 mt XP/Vista 32/bit.

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