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ThinkPad X series

Article Index. Microcode — A series of micro-instructions sets of control bits used to coordinate the execution of complex instructions by breaking them into smaller segments. Micron — A measurement of width; one lenovo x300 wimedia is one millionth of a meter; human hair is between 50 and microns; 0. Over time, the process technology for the wafer size is reduced. It is measured in nanometers.

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lenovo x300 wimedia Inthe common size was down to 65 nanometers. This width is the smallest circuit wire diameter. NetBurst micro-architecture — NetBurst micro-architecture is micro-architecture first introduced in the Pentium 4 in and used in subsequent Intel processors such as Intel Pentium D lenovo x300 wimedia Xeon. NetBurst includes hyper-pipelined technology, rapid execution engine, and execution trace cache.

Nonblocking lenovo x300 wimedia Allowing subsequent operations to proceed even if the first cannot be satisfied completely. The term describes caches that can continue processing even after a miss, which occurs when requested data is not present in the cache. Out-of-order execution OoO — Allows multiple objects in different execution units to be processed out of sequence. The instructions can then be recombined into the proper program flow before being written to off chip memory.

The area on the chip and the power to run the control logic for OoO increase both chip cost and power consumption. This architecture defined how instructions were executed. Pipeline — An "assembly line" design where instruction processing is broken into many small steps lenovo x300 wimedia stages that are handled by separate circuits.

When an instruction completes one stage, it progresses to lenovo x300 wimedia next, and the earlier stage begins work on the subsequent instruction. The processor has the capability of processing multiple instructions simultaneously at varying stages of execution to obtain an overall instruction execution rate of one instruction per clock cycle. A higher number of stages in the pipeline allow it to reach a faster clock speed; the disadvantage is the entire pipeline must be flushed and reloaded during a branch miss common with business applications effectively wasting processor cycles.

Privilege levels — Intel x86 processors support four privilege levels that are referred to as rings 0 through 3. Kernal lenovo x300 wimedia is synonymous with ring 0. Applications run in ring 3. The rings provide hardware-based protection mechanisms as the hardware prevents programs that are running in less privileged rings from overwriting the contents of memory controlled by more privileged programs. Processor architecture — Processor architecture refers to the instruction set, registers, and memory data-resident data structures that are public to a programmer.

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Processor architecture maintains instruction set compatibility so processors will run code written for processor generations past, present, and future. RISC processors have uniform instruction lengths. Register lenovo x300 wimedia A small, high-speed, on-chip storage area in a processor. Registers are the fastest type of storage used by a processor.


The more registers and the more bits each register holds, the more compilers can optimize application performance. Registers are usually designed for lenovo x300 wimedia tasks such as floating-point, address, general-purpose, special-purpose, etc.


Retire — To commit results to architectural registers and memory. Instructions that are executed speculatively lenovo x300 wimedia be retired until it is certain that all dependencies have been resolved. Serialize — To force the processor to stall the issuing of instructions until a particular instruction has been retired. Serialization is required by certain instructions that cannot be processed out of order. Speculative execution — An enhancement of branch prediction that speculatively executes the predicted branch.

If the branch is wrong, the processing must be corrected, but if the branch is correct, the processor is further ahead. This method keeps objects in the pipeline without stalling and waiting for a branch to be lenovo x300 wimedia. Stall — To halt a portion of a pipeline for one or more clock cycles.

Super-pipelined — Having a pipeline substantially deeper than the usual five or six stages. Super- pipelined designs tend to allow higher clock speeds than other pipelined lenovo x300 wimedia. Superscalar — The ability to process multiple instructions in a clock cycle.Product specifications for the ThinkPad X systems.

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Comprehensive review of the Lenovo Thinkpad X Notebook (Intel Core 2 Duo L GHz / Intel GMA X) with numerous.

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