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White Balance White Balance.

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Samsung Digimax V Review: Digital Photography Review

For one thing it is the only widescreen camera with a truly wide lens, a good quality 4. Just one touch of the "E" button gives you direct access to each of these special effects. Samsung Digimax Camera. Its appears well digimax camera after and is showing light wear on the digimax camera. Batteries not included. Instruction manual in English and French.

Samsung D60 Digital Camera 6. Even treat a friend or neighbour at this price.

Samsung Digimax A4 - digital camera Specs

Great gift for family, friends or yourself. Samsung digimax Camera -Digital camera - Silver - Very good condition. Outdoor shots generally showed slightly bright exposures with blown out highlights. The Auto white balance setting did the best job here, as the Daylight shot was quite orange, and the Manual shot slightly red. Shadow detail was also slightly limited, with high noise. Exposure accuracy overall was better than average, though, as the camera required less exposure compensation than average. See full set of test images with explanations See thumbnails of all test and gallery images.

Our laboratory resolution chart revealed sharp, distinct line patterns down to about 1, lines per picture height, with extinction at around 1, a good performance for a 5-megapixel camera. The camera produced slight color artifacts at lower line frequencies though, visible in the full-sized res target shots. Use these numbers to compare with other cameras of similar resolution, or use them to see just what higher resolution can mean in terms of potential detail. Beware that while you might be able to make out what looks like distinct lines at numbers higher than those we've mentioned here, the camera is just doing its best to continue interpreting the lines.

If you zoom in and follow them from the wider portions, you'll digimax camera the lines converge and reappear several times, so the lines you see at 1, and higher are really only artifacts generated by the camera's imaging system. The Samsung Digimax i5's images are slightly soft overall, without any strong over-sharpening or edge enhancement on the camera's part, though definition of high-contrast details is actually pretty good. Edge enhancement creates the illusion of sharpness by enhancing colors and tones right at the edge of a rapid transition in color or tone. Noise-suppression systems in digital cameras tend to flatten-out detail in areas of subtle contrast.


The effects can often be seen in shots of human hair, where the individual strands are lost and an almost "watercolor" look appears. The crop at far right shows this, with very digimax camera detail in the low-contrast area of her hair.

The Samsung Digimax i5's ISO setting produced moderately high noise, with only slightly blurred detail in the dark areas. As the ISO setting increases, so does the noise level and the amount of blurring that results, and its images at ISO are quite soft, with bright noise pixels that alter the color balance. Extremes: Sunlit and low light tests High resolution with pretty good detail, though slightly high contrast and limited shadow detail with high noise. Pretty good low-light performance, capable of capturing bright images under average city street lighting and digimax camera darker conditions. Sunlight: Because digital cameras are more like slide film than negative film in that they tend to have a more limited tonal rangewe test them in the harshest situations to see how they handle scenes with bright highlights and dark shadows, as well as what kind of sensitivity they have in low light.

The shot above is designed to mimic the very harsh, contrasty effect of direct noonday sunlight, a very tough challenge for most digital cameras. You can read details of this test here. The i5 had a little trouble with the deliberately harsh lighting in the test above, producing slightly high contrast with strong highlights.

Detail in the shadows was slightly limited, with digimax camera image noise. In "real life" though, be sure to use fill flash in situations like the one shown above; it's better to shoot in the shade when possible.DigiMax DSLR Banner DigiMax Lenses Banner. CINEMA DJI Ronin-S Gimbal MCC Multi Multi-Camera Focus Control Cable for Sony a7S A7S2. ₨4, Despite some success in the 35mm compact camera boom, Samsung's seemingly many, many attempts to crack the digital camera market  Street price‎: ‎• US: $; • UK: £


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