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When a quality check fails, print jobs are sent to the ColorSpan print servers Attention queue with a disposition of Uncalibrated Printer this feature may not be supported by non-ColorSpan RIPs. OFF no quality check is performed, all jobs will print. Select a Quality Check option. The printers piezo printheads are aligned at the factory colorspan videonet should only occasionally require you to run an automatic bidirectional or head-to-head calibration. Select one of the Auto Calibrations. N AutoBiDi bidirectional Calibration ensures that every working jet fires a pixel at precisely the same location regardless of colorspan videonet carriage direction of travel.

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AutoH2H head-to-head Calibration ensures that the printheads are in alignment relative to each other. AutoJet Calibration locates and substitutes missing jets for working jets. This is the same calibration performed as when you press the AutoJet button on the Front Page screen see AutoJet on page Full AutoSet runs all three calibrations in sequence. The printer prints a test pattern then reads it and makes the necessary adjustments or jet substitutions. The AutoJet detail reports how many jets were mapped out by AutoJet, how many are permanently mapped out by the operator, and whether the head is usable from a jetout standpoint in the various print modes. The higher quality modes Production and High Quality use jet replacement, so they can print successfully with a greater number of colorspan videonet out than can Billboard mode.

When you run the calibrations from this menu, you evaluate the calibration test patterns visually and enter the calibration values via the control panel. Note The manual BiDi and X head calibrations are timeconsuming and can be error-prone, but is necessary when calibrating transparent media or other media that the printers digital image sensor cannot calibrate. Before calibrating the printer, first colorspan videonet the printhead jets. See Loading Roll-Fed Media on page for tips on detecting and recovering colorspan videonet jets. Press the p key to highlight Manual Calibrations.


The Manual Calibration menu consists of these options: N Media Colorspan videonet page eliminates banding between print swaths stitch banding by calibrating media advance. Manual Jet Mapping page the manual version of AutoJet.

Jet Status Lines page prints a quick test pattern that colorspan videonet which jets are out. Default Registration Data page sets all registration data to zero. After calibration and jet mapping, perform a linearization or color calibration as supported by your print server or RIP. This calibration allows you to calibrate the accuracy of the media advance. Inaccurate media advance can result in blank spaces between print swaths too much advance or overlapping swaths too little advance.

MacDermid ColorSpan 5440 Technical Training Manual

The Media Wizard colorspan videonet this value by media type, and displays a media feed number MFNwhich you can record for subsequent entry. The media feed number enables you to quickly specify a known good media feed setting without recalibration. For example, you could keep a list of media feed numbers by media type, or by media type and full, half, and nearly empty supply rolls. Tip You can also adjust the media advance while a print job is printing. Repeatedly press the increase advance or decrease advance button shown on the control panel to eliminate blank spaces or overlap between print swaths. When you do this, the media feed number displayed on the control panel changes accordingly. On the Manual Calibrations menu, highlight Media Feed which is highlighted by default.

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Press the E Menu In key to select the colorspan videonet. N Stitch pattern First, allow the printer to print the following number of swaths, depending on the mode you want to calibrate: N N N 16 swaths in Quality mode, or 8 swaths in Production mode, or 4 swaths in Billboard mode.

Next, press the C key to increase the advance until you see blank spaces between colorspan videonet. Finally, press the p key to decrease the advance until the blank spaces are eliminated, but avoid dark lines between swaths which indicate overlap. This method allows for the tendency of the media advance to gradually decrease as the size of the supply roll decreases.

N inch calibration prints a inch test pattern so you can verify its length with an accurate metal ruler. Show Ignored Content Loading Insert the top pieces into the mounting holes. Then attach the rack to the printer with the six screws provided. Wire rack and ink catch tray colorspan videonet Attach the ink catch tray to the back of colorspan videonet printer with the four 3 screws see Fig. Install the vacuum reservoir see Fig.

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Ensure that the o-ring is in place inside the reservoir opening, colorspan videonet screw on the reservoir. Hand tighten firmly, but do not overtighten.


Vacuum reservoir Connect the cable from the media-out sensor to the pigtail on the supply and takeup cable see Fig. Colorspan videonet the supply and takeup cable to the port on the side of the electronics box see Fig. As you look at the front of the printer, the port is located on the left side of the electronics box.Installation of ColorSpan's VideoNet network protocol.

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- Latest printer firmware. - ColorSpan's VideoNet protocol requires most of the CPU time when printing.

Colorspan Videonet Driver Driver for Windows 7 32 colorspan videonet, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 10, 8, XP. Uploaded on 4/14/, downloaded times, receiving a .

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