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E Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder. View Gallery. Sign In. What are some of CM Punk's signature inverted snapmare moves? A backbreaker refers to professional wrestling moves in which a wrestler drops an opponent so that the opponent's back impacts or is bent backwards against a part of the wrestler's body, usually the knee. Inverted snapmare back body drop or backdrop also sometimes called a shoulder back tossis a move in which a wrestler bends forward or crouches in front of their opponent, grabs hold of the opponent, and stands up, lifting the opponent up and over and dropping them behind the back, it is applied frequently against a charging opponent.

In Japan, a backdrop is the term for what is called a belly-to-back suplex in America, so in Japan, it is called shoulder throw. Innovated by Hiroyoshi Tenzan ; this move sees the opponent runs towards the wrestler. The wrestler ducks, hooks one of the opponent's legs with one of their arms, stands up and falls backwards, flipping the opponent and driving them back first down to the mat, with the wrestler landing on top of the opponent. A brainbuster is a move in which a wrestler puts inverted snapmare opponent in a front facelockhooks their tights, and lifts inverted snapmare up as if they were performing a vertical suplex ; the wrestler then jumps up and falls onto their back so that the opponent lands on their head while remaining vertical. A bulldog, originally known as bulldogging or a bulldogging headlock or the headlock jawbreaker is any move in which the wrestler grabs an opponent's head and jumps forward, so that the wrestler lands, often in a sitting position, and drives the opponent's face into the mat; [2] this move plus some other variations are sometimes referred to as a facebuster.

The wrestler applies a cobra clutch and then leaps forward, falling into a sitting position and driving the face of the opponent into the ground. From here, the attacking wrestler twists the opposite way and quickly switches back throwing the legs of the opponent out backwards and drops down to the mat while holding the opponent's head, forcing him to fall face first into a bulldog position; this move is used by TNA wrestler James Stormwho dubbed it the Eight Second Ride. A full nelson facebuster -like, which sees the wrestler holding the opponent in a full nelson ; the wrestler then falls forward to his back or into a sitting position, driving the opponent face-first.

The move was popularized by Jillian Hall.

Professional wrestling throws

The wrestler inverted snapmare a half nelson hold on his opponent with one arm and his opponents waist with the other, he then leaps forward into a sitting position, driving the face of the opponent into the ground. This move is also incorrectly referred to as a faceplant, which is a different move altogether.


In another variation, the attacker runs to the opponent and executes the move; this is usually referred to a lariat takedown. The one-handed bulldog is in fact more of a facebuster inverted snapmare an actual bulldog and generally sees a wrestler run up from behind their opponent, grab the inverted snapmare head with one hand and leap forward. Standing next to or diagonally behind an opponent, the attacking wrestler leaps up, grabs the opponent's head and pulls backwards, resulting in both individuals landing supine. The wrestler would eventually either land standing or seated on the apron or the outside of the ring. The wrestler stands to the side of the opponent and applies a side headlock; the wrestler then spins around in a circle and drops into a seated position, driving the opponent face-first into the mat.


The wrestler applies a headlock on the opponent then runs towards the ropes and bounces off, driving the opponent face-first into mat as they land. The wrestler places both his hands behind the opponent's head, and then falls into a inverted snapmare position, slamming the opponent's face into the canvas.

Another variation sees the wrestler placing one hand behind the opponent's head, and another behind the back and then inverted snapmare backwards into a bulldog. This bulldog sees the opponent clutching inverted snapmare wrestler in a wheelbarrow bodyscissors; the wrestler then falls downwards while still scissoring his legs around the opponent's waist and pushes himself by hitting his palms against the canvas.

Inevitable, a wrestling fanfic FanFiction

As he gets rebounded back to the opponent, he releases his legs and quickly inverted snapmare his hand behind the opponent's head, and goes inverted snapmare a bulldog - the bulldog is usually one-handed rather than a headlock bulldog. This can also be held for a backbreaker. This move is performed in the same style as a chokeslambut instead the wrestler grabs the opponent with a clawhold. Rowan uses this move as a finisher and Lars Sullivan uses it as a signature.

Wrestling Finisher Chronicle-Part 3 by Spit-Fire on DeviantArt

Jinder Mahal uses this move calling it the Khallas. The DDT is a move innovated by Jake "The Snake" Roberts and performed by putting the opponent's head underneath the attacker's arm in a front facelock and then falling back, driving the opponent's head into the mat. Another variation has the attacking wrestler apply a pumphandle prior to executing this technique and is used by wrestlers like Jinder Mahal. While maintaining the wrist-clutch, they then perform the driver. Travis Banks also uses this move calling it the Kiwi Crusher. The wrestler stands behind an opponent and applies a half nelson hold on their opponent, placing one of their hands against the opponent's neck after hooking the opponent's arm with it, they then scoop the opponent's near leg with their other arm and lift the opponent up, flip the opponent upside down, and then either kneel or sit down, driving the opponent inverted snapmare to the mat on their neck.

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Another variation has inverted snapmare attacking wrestler apply a pumphandle prior to executing this technique. Innovated by Taka Michinokuand technically known as a sitout scoop slam piledriver.

Facing their opponent, the wrestler reaches between his opponent's legs with their right arm and reaches around the opponent's neck from the same side with their left arm, they then lift the opponent up and turn them around so that they are held upside down, as in a scoop slam before dropping down into a sitout position, driving the opponent down to the mat neck and shoulder first. Many people call it the Michinoku Driver because it is used more often than the original Michinoku Driver. A variation of the Michinoku Driver II in which the wrestler stands behind the opponent, applies an inverted facelocklifts them upside inverted snapmare, and then drops down to a sitting position, driving the opponent down to the mat between the wrestler's legs upper back first; the move was also used by Vampiro with the name Nail in the Coffin. The attacking wrestler drapes an opponent over their shoulders in a fireman's carry position and then takes hold of the opponent and pulls them over their shoulder and inverted snapmare to the mat while falling to a sitting position so that the opponent lands on their upper back and neck between the legs of the wrestler, facing towards them.

A cross-legged and wrist-clutch version of this move also exists, it is used as finishing moves by wrestlers such as Chris Sabin Cradle Shock and Su Yung Panic Switch.Snapmare Type offence Other names Flying Mare The Snapmare is a professional wrestling move were the An inverted variation of this move also exists. Professional wrestling throws are the application of professional wrestling techniques that . The wrestler then lifts the opponent upside down or on to his/ her shoulders, and then sits down, driving the . Similar to the snapmare driver, the wrestler applies a side headlock before dropping down on either their chest or their.

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