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REVIEW: The Turcom Huion Tablet and why you shouldn't buy it.

Comments turcom tablet this Manuals Your Name:. Are there extra costs for delivery? Can I purchase more than 1 unit of a product? Frequently asked questions select How do I purchase?

Couldn't find your answer? Select a turcom tablet type below and message the shop directly. Sorry, but we can't respond to individual comments. Turcom tablet searches Clear All. Restore password. These tablets have enough features and are responsive enough to replicate your drawing motions accurately.

Review: Turcom TS-6608 Drawing Tablet

If you're an intermediate artist wanting a tablet, try out a few products in this range. These industrial grade tablets allow the user to draw on them directly while also having advanced features to improve their workflow and efficiency. A musical rhythm game which only utilizes its tap and slide functions. It also makes it heavier, which tires out your hand turcom tablet. The pen holder comes with 4 black nibs and 1 ring-shaped nib changer just like the Wacom and Huion models. The Wacom pen holder though, and has two ways you can put the pen in: leaning it horizontally and standing it up vertically. Go To Topic Listing Pre 1.


Turcom tablet see if that's the case or if Turcom just isn't equipped to handle the needs of a beginner artist. If you have the user guide look for 'Windows Ink' if you are using Windows, and see if there are options.

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Even if they are not showing turcom tablet in Control Panel they could still be there, visible in RegEdit please ask someone for help if you are not comfortable going into your system and deleting files; deleting the wrong files can cause problems with your computer. Delete all previous versions of this driver. It barely scratches when I use it etc.


I very much recommend Huion as a good, cheap alternative to Wacom. PixelKhaos As far as i know, this specific type of tablet got a lot of hype on tumblr and this was a huge run down of why the tablet is turcom tablet a piece of shi and not to buy the Turcom Huion also yes, like you said, somebody in this thread mentioned that Turcom was a knock-off brand. Also, from what i've heard going around the Amazon account is owned by Huion itself, but i'd like to see that cleared up as well if its untrue.

I've moved on to Yiynova since they have a good rep for being great Cintiq alternatives and so far i can say that the tablet is reliable and the research i did on it came back clean enough for me to purchase. I've seen other good tablets from Huion themselves, such as their monitor tablets, but lesson to be learned here is don't spring buy a cheap tablet that people are hyping about turcom tablet doing some turcom tablet research on it like i did, derp. So it wasn't much of a loss, though it WAS one hell of a pain in the ass.

It lasted about 2 months before crapping out. Being the nice person i am, i have adjusted some of my wording in the OP and have also added a turcom tablet at the end stating that Turcom is the turcom tablet brand of Huion.

Drawing Pad for Computer Digital Graphics Tablet

Kip oh and I do recall warning people on tumblr NOT to get Turcom tablet as it's a knock-off and costs pretty much the same as the actual Huion tablets. But it's hard to warn all thousands of people that reblog and share posts about it, so you do what you can I guess.

Sign up or Sign in to write a reply. We steal your soul! Thinking about buying a new, cheap tablet because your old one just isn't working anymore? And turcom tablet pen? In this case you can easily swap out turcom tablet from other models and use them interchangeably.


The pen was powered by a AAA battery which means you'll need to switch them out every once and turcom tablet while. It comes with a basic pen and quick shortcut keys for common actions.

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This tablet looks strangely like another tablet at first… It has many of the same functions and markings down to the ruler-like buttons. The Turcom TS looks a lot like the Huion Hat first glance they look like the same exact electronic drawing pad!Pro Graphics Design Art Pad for Artists, Students, Graphic Designers. Replace your standard mouse and turn your computer into a digital drawing canvas with the natural feel of a pen on paper. UGEE M Graphics Tablet, 10 x 6 Inch Large Drawing Tablet, Levels Pressure Battery. Unleash your creativity on one of these turcom tablet graphics tablets! View the different options that we have available, and find one that suits your needs.

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